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We’ll be there – pickup, cleaning, and delivery at the requested time in Cologne

Cologne is revolutionizing laundry with the online washing services from Jonny Fresh. We pick up, clean, iron, and deliver laundry & textiles. When and where you want it. All in just 48 hours. From business wear such as shirts & suits, to household laundry like bedding, pillows, mattress covers, & towels through to wedding dresses or office laundry. Do what’s truly important to you and Jonny Fresh will do your laundry – flexibly, fast, and with premium quality!

Order mobile textile cleaning in Cologne online

Everyone needs clean laundry. These days almost no one has time to do the laundry at home and iron it or seek out a local laundromat. There’s no reason to fret though, book Jonny Fresh easily online or through the app and enjoy our mobile cleaning services. Once you’ve placed your order for cleaning online, we will come to your home and pick up your laundry. You’ll get your laundry back freshly washed and ironed a short time later. And if you want your next order brought to you at your office, you can simply and flexibly change the address in your Jonny Fresh account before your next order and get your fresh laundry delivered at work.

Here`s how it works

This is how the laundry service works

You order

Choose what you want to have cleaned. Decide on pickup and delivery times.

We’ll pick it up

We’ll pick up your dirty laundry right at your front door. Payment is made at delivery.

We deliver

You’ll get your laundry back professionally cleaned and ironed after 48 hours.

Cologne’s online washing machine

We currently pick up, wash, and deliver in the following districts of Cologne:

Here’s what Jonny Fresh is doing for Cologne


Have our service come to your office, home, the Rheinpark, or the Belgian Quarter – we’ll pick up & deliver your order quickly and punctually, exactly when and where you need us to.


More demanding than any wedding dress & more persistent than any stain. Jonny Fresh offers first-class cleaning done with the utmost of care and we guarantee you will always receive the best possible service.


In Cologne, the nights are long. Which is why we are ready to help with extra long service hours. You can reach us by phone or via e-mail with any questions you might have concerning our services.


No matter if it’s a wiping cloth, a custom suit, office laundry, or pillows – there’s no material, no piece of clothing, & no textile that we can’t professionally clean and get 100% hygienically spotless – and with perfectly plannable logistics and many other attractive services for business customers.